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What Is An Audit?

The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Program outlines best practices (program requirements) to be implemented. Each requirement will be evaluated each audit period by a private, third party auditor, via an in-person or remote audit, to earn or maintain certification. Depending on the services provided by the Nutrient Service Provider, some criteria will not be applicable.

There are three sections to the Program, which include:
1. Initial Training and Ongoing Education
2. Monitoring of 4R Implementation; and
3. Nutrient Recommendations and Application.

The bullet points listed below are incorporated in all participating geographies’ Standard auditable requirements:

Initial Training and Ongoing Education

  • Initial Training of Nutrient Service Providers, Sales, and Application Staff
  • Ongoing Education and Training of Nutrient Service Providers, Sales, and Application Staff
  • Education and Training of Grower Customers

Monitoring of 4R Implementation

  • Maps for Recommendations and/or Application
  • Applicable Laws Kept on Hand
  • Review of Recommendations

Nutrient Recommendations & Application

  • Soil Tests for Recommendations and/or Application
  • Records for Recommendations and/or Application
  • Nutrient Recommendations and/or Application made by the Nutrient Service Provider
  • Crop Yield Determination and Monitoring
  • Setbacks for Recommendations and/or Application
  • Application Equipment Calibration and use of Technology, as available