Kalmbach Feeds is proud to offer a complete line of products for beef producers. Whether you're in search of feeds, supplements, or minerals, we've got your herd covered.

Kalmbach Feeds offers milk replacers, starter feeds, maintenance feeds and minerals for your herd’s needs throughout all stages of development.

Kalmbach Feeds manufactures a full line of sheep products, including milk replacers, creep feeds, ewe pellets, and more.

Kalmbach Feeds offers a complete line of high quality pig feeds designed to help you compete effectively in the market, whether you are striving to win the purple banner or deliver the lowest cost pork to your customer.

Kalmbach Feeds manufactures a variety of poultry products including organic, non-GMO, and all natural feeds for layers, broilers, game birds, and turkeys.

Kalmbach Feeds offers a premium line of products for rabbits.

Formula ChampionsĀ® offers a premium line of supplements in addition to their full line of feeds.