Help Improve the Lives of Women and Girls

Why Should I Support Soroptimist Raleigh?

  • Your tax deductible contribution helps disadvantaged women and girls to live their dreams and create better lives for themselves and their families
  • Your sponsorship of our awards event allows us to support even more women

Your support is critical to our shared success. Soroptimist of Raleigh depends upon the support of donors like you to make our programs possible.

The money we raise each year goes to funding the various awards given and service projects benefiting women and girls.  Soroptimist Raleigh currently awards three Live Your Dream grants: one $5000 grant and two $2000 grants.  In our Live Your Dream Plus program we follow up with our awardees for three years, mentoring them to afford ongoing support both non-financial as well as financial.  Additionally with Dream It, Be It we hold a series of seven workshops that target teen girls who face obstacles to their future success.  This program provides girls with access to professional role models, career education and the resources to live their dreams.  In the area of Ending Violence we publish Teen Dating Violence bookmarks and Fast Facts about Human Trafficking cards.  Last but not least, we also support Soroptimist’s global Educate to Lead  programs.

Your Money at Work

$10 will buy … (1) One day’s lunch for three teen girls who are participating in a “Dream It, Be It” workshop; or (2)  250 Fast Facts About Human Trafficking cards which are distributed to first responders and law enforcement.

$20 will buy … (1) 150 teen dating violence bookmarks, which we distribute via InterAct’s healthy relationships program in Wake County middle and high schools, as well as in our “Dream It, Be It” program: or (2) training materials for a teacher who is participating in our “Educate to Lead” program in Nepal.

$50 will buy … (1) A day of day care for the children of a woman who is a family’s primary wage earner and who is in school to improve her employment prospects;  or (2)  bus fare for 45 days for that woman; or (3) a Holiday grocery gift card for one of our “Live Your Dream Plus” participants.