Ditch Maintenance

The Seneca County Ditch Maintenance program is a benefit to county landowners who invest in improving their drainage and want to protect their investment for the future. When an improvement is made to drainage there is often a large expense encumbered and much time goes to planning, constructing and finishing the improvement. For some landowners this large outlay of time, money and disruption to the land is very burdensome. The burden is great because the quality of the ditch or tile is so severe that improvements are not minor. However, if maintenance of any improvement is provided the life of the improvement is increased and frequency of replacement  is decreased.


The State of Ohio has provided, through legislation, for permanent ditch maintenance programs to provide this service to drainage improvements through Ohio Revised Code 6137. The Seneca County Ditch Maintenance program takes over the maintenance of certain drainage improvements for landowners and guarantees that their large investment is protected permanently. The expense for the annual maintenance is collected from the landowners who are part of the watershed that drain into the ditch.

Only certain ditches, tile and waterways in Seneca County are enrolled in the ditch maintenance program. If you are not familiar with the program we invite you to learn more by talking with one of our technicians. If you are a landowner in the ditch maintenance program and have questions, give us a call or email us. Our office is open from Mon-Fri 8a-4:30p, the phone number is (419)447-7073.