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December 28, 2015
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April 18, 2016

Hello from my writing desk!

I am deep in the trenches of my next novel, currently fighting my way through the outlining phase. As this is the start of a series I have to take my time and lay the foundation carefully. What this means is long days at my writing desk, 6 days a week. I’m not the kind of writer who can churn out fully formed characters and flawlessly complex plots without spending a lot of time researching, doodling, free writing, and also staring at the wall with a dazed expression on my face. Of course, there are numerous trips downstairs to walk the dogs, which also means I conveniently pass the kitchen where I can refuel my tea and chocolate supply – crucial ingredients in any writer’s toolkit.

I’m nearly at the end of this stage, with notebooks full of scribbles and a Scrivener file bursting with my zero draft. The wall to the right of my writing desk is a rainbow of Post-It notes containing little seeds of ideas that I glance at regularly to keep me on track. I am hoping/planning to begin the first draft next month.

When I’m not exploring the world of my novel and getting to know my characters, I’m scribbling away at short stories, poetry, and keeping up with grad school. And I am happy to report there has been some success!

Soon, you’ll be able to see some of my poetry at the very cool Slink Chunk Press.


And in June, Luna Station Quarterly will be publishing one of my speculative fiction short stories.


Writing is an intensely solitary practice but these little flashes of light feel like beacons of hope telling me I’m on the right path. They give me a shot of courage to keep on going. So it’s back to the writing desk for me…

“Be steady and well-ordered in your life so you can be fierce and original in your work.” ~ Gustave Flaubert



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