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April 18, 2016
The Vow of the Nasty Woman
November 21, 2016



This summer you can find me mainly in one place – my writing studio. I’m still fighting my way through the weeds writing the first draft of my WIP. I’ve hit around the 70,000 word mark and I’m only about halfway through. Editing this behemoth when it’s time for revisions is going to be quite the adventure.

I’ve also been on a few real life adventures in order to do research for my WIP, including one which involved a 4,000 year old temple and the summer solstice, which you can read about here.


And, happily, I’ve had some success with my writing recently and you can read a few pieces in the wilds of the internet…


‘hinky man’ at Jersey Devil Press – dive in and let’s get riptide feral and freaked…













‘let us’ and ‘first home’ at Sick Lit Magazine – let us bleed and drink and find out way home…

Soon you’ll be able to see my work at Pidgeonholes and Crack the Spine. And you can always check this page to keep up to date on my published pieces.

And with that, I’m back to my writing desk. I’ve got a cup of chai by my side and a burning need to finish this chapter…

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