Dan’s Dairy Diary – Young's Jersey Dairy

Share Your Good Moos with Young’s – Doo Your MOO!

Once a year, we invite our great Guests to visit and Moo for their ice cream.  Visit either The Dairy Store or The Golden Jersey Inn at Young’s on Jan 22 through Jan 28, and give us your best MOOOOOOOOO!.  You’ll be glad you did – a free extra dip of ice cream on your dessert at The Dairy Store or a free one-dip sundae (or mini-dessert) at The Golden Jersey Inn with your meal!

149th Birthday Party Jan 12-15, 2018

We are doing all kinds of delicious and fun things to celebrate Young’s birthday.  We know it’s winter – but we have a lot of good reasons to visit Young’s Friday – Monday Jan 12-15.  Plan to bring your family and friends for a nice winter break – and say hello to the goats – they can get lonely this time of year!

Jan 1, 2018 Young’s ORAEF ProStart® Scholarships

The Ohio Restaurant Association Education Foundation supports hospitality and culinary education for students in Ohio.  Young’s is a great place to learn – there aren’t many places where you can visit an actual farm milking cows, cheese and ice cream production, two different restaurants and catering for picnics of 50 to 2,000 or more. 

Young’s on the Moove is here!

Young’s will have a mobile food trailer to get out and about in our community in 2017. Young’s on the Moove is a fun way to promote our farm, introduce a lot of Guests to our homemade ice cream and farmstead cheese, and better serve our Guests on the farm during our busy, large events.

Being Green At Young’s

We have been recycling our cooking oil for over 15 years. After we cook our cheese curds(!), French fries, onion rings, chicken and so forth, the oil goes back to the manufacturer using special equipment that filters it and otherwise cleans it for many other uses – animal feed, cosmetics, and soap – and just in the past few years recycled cooking oil has been used to burn in diesel trucks, busses and cars.

Company & Group Picnics at Young’s

Young’s specializes in putting the entire experience of visiting our farm into a fun, easy and delicious group picnic. We take care of groups from 50 to 5,000 people!

Creativity & Innovation at Young’s

We’re always happy when we figure out what’s next – and then our Guests agree! We’ve tried a lot of things over the years – new activities, flavors of ice cream, menu items and more. Some have been a big hit, some not (and we stop doing those quickly!). Here are a few stories.

Now Hiring!

Young’s is a fun place to work – but it’s also hard work. We serve more than a million Guest visits a year. We are very busy on most weekends and on our special events – and that’s when we need our Staff to help us deliver on our mission – We Create Fun for Our Customers.

Why Jerseys?

We are called Young’s Jersey Dairy because we chose to have Jersey cows on our farm. We get asked why Jersey’s? Why not have the most popular cow in the US – Holsteins (the black & white dairy cows you often see in our area)?

What is Doo Your Moo and why should you care? Or How I Practiced My Moo and Got Free Ice Cream!

We get a little lonely this time of year – and we do like having some fun – so we created Doo Your Moo about 15 years ago. The concept is simple – visit us the week of Jan 30-Feb 5 and give us your absolute best Moo.

Being Green at Young’s – Reusable Three-Gallon Ice Cream Containers

Before it was called being green, we began to figure out ways to reduce our waste and try to use less energy and resources. Our origin is growing up on a farm, and small farmers tend to look for ways to save!

Why ‘Guest’ is Capitalized

The existence of Young’s is entirely due to you – our Guests. Sure – we have friendly cows, make great cheese and ice cream (and have a bunch of cute goats) and have an amazing group of over 300 employees that make Young’s work – but without our amazing Guests, we know we would not exist at all.

Young’s Jersey Dairy’s 148th Birthday Party

Join us Fri-Mon Jan 13-16, 2017 as we celebrate the 148th year since our farm was founded. We have put together great birthday deals for you and your family to visit us Jan 13-16!

20 Years of The Golden Jersey Inn

This week we mark the 20th anniversary of the opening of The Golden Jersey Inn. We wanted this restaurant to be different from the Dairy Store – with the menu and the service designed to create a somewhat quieter, comfort food kind of atmosphere.

Painting the Barn for the First Time

The red barn you see at Young’s was built in 1869, as best we can tell (the date is carved onto one of the oak boards in the upper level haymow). For the first 80 years or so, it was unpainted.

Buy Local — It Helps

When we buy local, we know our dollars stay more local. That supports more jobs, more taxes paid locally, more economic activity stays local instead of going somewhere else. That’s a good thing. It makes sense. It’s what we do when we can.

Where Did Bullshake, Cowshake & Calfshake Come From?

We were talking amongst ourselves on what to call the shakes – if we stuck with history, it would be something like regular, thick, and large with a dip of ice cream on top. That just wasn’t all that exciting and didn’t communicate the idea if having fun during a trip to Young’s. Then – an idea…

Culinary Students

We are very fortunate to have excellent culinary programs for high school and college students in the Springfield and Dayton area. Young’s has employed many students over the years from these programs.

The Amazing Cowvin’s Corny Maze

About 20 years ago, we read about some farms and places around the country that were creating fun mazes in their cornfields.

A Wool Gathering at Young’s – A Festival of Fibers!

In the spring of 1994, several individuals who had fiber animals or who loved to make things from wool met to discuss the possibility of having a Fiber Show.

Where Did Udders & Putters Come From?

Around the mid-1980’s, we started to figure out that our farm wasn’t just an ice cream store serving a few sandwiches anymore.

What Are the Best Selling Ice Cream Flavors at Young’s?

As we like to say, there are no bad choices in choosing what flavor of ice cream to try.

Cheddar Challenge 5K is June 11, 2016

Join us on June 11 this year for the Fourth Cheddar Challenge 5K! This fun run/walk is great for all – serious runners, if you’re thinking […]

The Young Family

We are often asked – “Is Young’s family owned?” the answer is yes!

Young’s Ice Cream Charity Bike Tour – our 14th Year in 2016 – the $1,000,000 Ride!

The premier charity event Young’s is part of is the Young’s Ice Cream Charity Bike Tour.

What to do About Whey?

We are now into our seventh year of producing cheese made 100% from our delicious Jersey cow milk.

Landscaping Young’s

This time of year we are getting busy landscaping the grounds of our farm.

What is a Young’s Scholarship?

A benefit of employment at Young’s is a scholarship of $250 a year, for up to four years.

Company & Group Picnics at Young’s

Young’s specializes in putting the entire experience of visiting our farm into a fun, easy and delicious group picnic. We take care of groups from 50 to 5,000 people!

How Does Young’s Work in the Community?

In 2015, we gave to many organizations that do good things in our community in all kinds of ways.

What’s the Difference – White Cheddar vs. Yellow Cheddar?

The short answer is one is yellow and the other is white!

How Many People Work at Young’s?

Many have visited during the busy time of year – and have tried to count just how many people we have working behind the counter dipping ice cream.

Great Tastes of Young’s

One of the coolest little things we started a couple years ago is what we call Great Tastes of Young’s.

Young’s Farmstead Cheese – 6 ½ Years Later

We made our first batch of Young’s Farmstead Cheese on July 9, 2009. Six and one-half years later we have made over 1,500 batches of cheese – about 250,000 pounds total.

New Flavors of Ice Cream and Returning Favorites!

2016 will bring a few new flavors and some favorites from year’s past.

What’s Next? Young’s on the Moove

The finishing touches on design are underway and the manufacturing can begin!  Young’s will have a mobile food trailer to get out and about in our […]

Getting Ready for Spring at Young’s

Towards the end of each year, we make plans for the future and update our thinking on the next few years.

Choose & Cut Christmas Trees

Carl & Dorothy Young’s Christmas Tree farm officially opens the day after Thanksgiving and is open daily to about the weekend before Christmas. Families have made a tradition of coming to the Christmas tree farm to find their perfect tree, cut it, get it shaken and tied down on their car – then stop by Young’s for a meal or an ice cream or bakery treat.

Photo by Barbara Perenic

Dan Young is the current CEO (or Chief Ice Cream Dipper) at Young’s Jersey Dairy. He has worked on the farm doing many jobs since age 12 – and is in his 50th year of working, creating and being a part of what the Young Family, our hardworking Staff and amazing Guests have helped make happen.